My interview in Chef & Restaurant Magazine


My interview with the UK pastry team was published in October’s 2022 copy of Chef and Restaurant magazine.  It was part of an eight page article on the upcoming Pastry World Cup that happens in Lyon, in January 2023.

chef mag 44

You can also see a flick through of the magazine on Instagram

If you wished to read the whole interview you can read it here.


40 thoughts on “My interview in Chef & Restaurant Magazine

      1. As you may have guessed from my name, this IS my favorite time of year. Most of the presents have been bought and I am working on our Christmas cards. I like to enjoy the week of Christmas without a lot of work (except for the food!). A real change from when I was working and had children at home! I assume you are gearing up for holiday cooking?

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      2. Well these days I try not to work in restaurants or hotels during the holiday time. Mostly I’m writing, consulting or teaching online cooking or food hygiene courses. Tomorrow is my the first of my chocolate truffle classes. I’m also showing the class how to make Turkish delight, from an old American cookbook of mine called Candy Cookbook.

        During the Christmas holidays I like to visit relatives and drink and eat all their food


      3. Sounds like a good plan for a busy Chef. I do most of the Christmas cooking – pies, lots of cookies, and veggies, while my husband does the meat. two of my recipes came from Poland with my grandmother in 1895 or so.

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      4. I’m intrigued by your mention of Creamed turnips. Here in UK supermarkets you rarely see turnips as they are unpopular. Are the turnips just mashed with the addition of butter and cream or some other method? I know some old fashion recipes dice and boil the turnips and the make a white sauce (bechamel) flour,butter and milk and then sauce is poured over the cooked turnips.


      5. I don’t really have a recipe – it’s all in my head (from my mother and grandmother). I peel and chop the turnips into chunks, fry out salt pork in a skillet, remove the pork bits and add the tunips and briefly saute. Then I add water and simmer until the turnips are soft and can be mashed (not too much water or they are runny). Then I add half and half or milk and cream and mash some more, then salt and pepper, a small about of sugar to mitigate the tart taste, and a touch of nutmeg. They are left to ‘cure’ overnight in the refrigerator before reheating the next day. Or they can be eaten right away. They may be an acquired taste!

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  1. Great interview Kevin.
    I’ve judged High School cooking competitions. It’s a lot of fun and interesting to see what young minds come up with.

    Lyons in Jan 2023? How do you get tickets to an event like this?
    My husband was talking about traveling to France again.
    Cheers! And sorry about England getting eliminated from the World Cup. My husband is a soccer player and watches the games religiously. He thought the referee was unfair in the recent game w France. Will be interesting to see who wins.

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    1. The Pastry World Cup is held a large convention center on the outskirts of Lyon on the 20th -21st January 2023. The convention center is called Sirha here is a link the English part of their site.
      Here is a another link for Pastry World Cup tickets
      I think the tickets get you into all aspects of the Pastry World Cup plus the Trade show which is also very interesting as it is one of the biggest in Europe.
      As for footbal (soccer) ……..I was disappointed not because England got knocked out but the awful way they played…lol


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