How to Fillet A Fish-Made Easy!

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Unless you live at the end of a wharf on the coast, somewhere, then buying fresh fish can be a hit and miss affair. My latest YouTube video shows you how to fillet a Sea Bream and a Mackerel.  The video also gives you lots shopping tips on how to buy the freshest seafood and how to store it when you get home.  

Don’t forget to subscribe-button-33248 to my YouTube channel and leave a comment or a question, thank you.  If any of you have YouTube channels I a happy follow back, just let me know. This is the second of my videos in the Made Easy series.  I do the demonstration slowly with lots of explanation to help the viewer understand the process.  I try to avoid using specialised knives such as a fish boning knife to make the process as simple and as achievable as possible.

You can also find more helpful information in an earlier post of mine called Buying and Storing Seafood or tips on how buy really fresh Tuna at the bottom of this post

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21 thoughts on “How to Fillet A Fish-Made Easy!

      1. Thanks Dorothy, glad your found my post and video helpful.
        Your lucky your childhood gave you the chance to learn those skills, to learn first hand about the food we eat.

        Today’s kids don’t get enough exposure to where food comes from or how to prepare it, which is a shame.

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    1. Thank you Dina, for your kind words, and welcome to my blog. I spent sometime exploring the Norfolk coast whilst working in Newmarket a few years back. I particularly enjoyed Brancaster Beach.

      Best Wishes and I hope the Fab Four will stay in touch

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  1. Thanks Kevin for the informational video and post. My dad was an avid fisherman growing up near the Russian River and catching salmon.

    He tried to get my son to gut and clean a fish from a reservoir and my son refused. He thought it was “yucky”. Too bad
    I’ve never boned a fish since when i cook them I leave them whole and bake with lemon and thyme.
    Now a days I add the tail and fish head to my compost tea which I spray on my tomato plants.

    Hoping all is well in Europe. When can people travel there again? I heard Germany borders are still closed.

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    1. Thanks Teri , I always enjoy your comments and feedback, very much 🙂

      Because our government was slow to react to the Delta variant, we have an upsurge of Covid cases in some parts of the UK. Things are gradually getting betting because of the high numbers of adults that are now had both vaccine jabs. As for travel it is a very fluid situation, some people are taking a chance and booking a vacation abroad, only to then face restrictions such as 10 day isolation and Covid tests when they return which greatly adds to the cost of the holiday. I’m hoping to take a trip to the US in 2022 if things have settled down by then.

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      1. Ohh. Thanks for the travel information. I have friends who have plans to go to Europe. I hope they aren’t disappointed.

        I’m taking care of 8 chickens, so we aren’t traveling anywhere.

        If you get to California, maybe my husband and I could show you around.


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