Tip of the Week-Citrus Flavours


Have you ever added lemon juice to a mayonnaise and by the time you have a nice lemony flavour the dressing or sauce is too thin?

Here is a way to get lots of real lemon (lime or orange) flavour into Crème fraiche (sour cream) or Mayonnaise without thinning it down.

  1. Use a good sharp potato peeler and peel a firm lemon (lime or orange).
  2. Remove any white pith from the inside of the peel with a sharp knife.
  3. Lay the peel on a plate and sprinkle with just a pinch of sugar and give the peel a 15-20 second blast in the microwave then put the skin into the Crème fraiche and refrigerate for at least one hour.
  4. When you have sufficient lemon flavour remove the peel and discard.

The Process
The sugar and the cooking bring the natural oils out of the skin and flavours the Crème Fraiche etc. How much skin you need varies depending on the quality of the fruit and the quantity of Crème fraiche or Mayonnaise you are trying to flavour.

Chef’s Tips
This method is preferable to just grating the zest, which can sometimes leave a bitter taste after being mixed for a while. You can use this same method with any citrus fruit. Of course you can add a little of the juice as well if you want a real pronounced flavour.

Chocolate Orange
You can also use this combination of juice and peel to flavour chocolate and my favourite is the combination of dark chocolate (70% or more) and oranges which is considered a very Swiss idea. Just remember when add the juice do so slowly or the chocolate may split.

Menu Idea
Warm poached Wild Salmon with a dollop of Crème fraiche flavoured with Lime and Fresh Cilantro (coriander), earthy new potatoes and baby spinach and tomato Parcels….can you taste it?  Or perhaps replace the parcels with local asparagus and an onion and tarragon relish….now can you taste it?


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