Hello WordPress-Update

Kevin Ashton

3-4 weeks into my new blog, I do like the visual appearence of the home page and how it encourages the viewer to read more than one post. That said I would still love to get more feedback about my site.

I am still fine tuning the posts and I still need to learn how to add more menus to help readers navigate.


The horizonal lines in the top right corner take you the menu for , meat,seafood, vegetarian,desserts etc.

If you want to return the home page just click on my name Chef Kevin Ashton

Traffic and Followers

My Networkedblog followers have migrated from my old blog to this one (thankfully) and now number 51,083

My networkedblog profile   which have helped my visitor numbers reach  21,610 (71,421 hits) since April 24th,2015.

Bon appetit


4 thoughts on “Hello WordPress-Update

  1. Was trying to find the area for adding my email address to your email list. Possibly,you do not have one for your blog….not sure. Discovered your page via Joan Jacob’s Healthy Lifestyle Cooking. I manage the Fine Wines Buzz FB Page, along with the Chicago Gourmets FB page and just inherited the Fine Wines News Gazette. Cheers, Evelyn Basile, Chicago, IL

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    1. My apologies for taking time to reply to this Evelyn. At the moment I don’t have a set up to collect email addresses for several reasons.
      I never wanted readers to feel they had to leave email addresses to access my blog. Your message has made me consider changing my approach but I do already share my posts in so many places which brings over 2,000 visitors a day. Several years ago I found a site had hijacked my RSS feed and was reposting my whole blog without my permission, so these days I tend to keep my stuff where I can keep an eye on it. Because of my busy work commitments, I usually post once a month sometimes twice and hope my content is interesting enough to make people come back and check. I will go look for the facebook groups you mentioned and do hope you will stop by my blog from time to time. When I do publish a new recipe I always share it with Joan’s group. Best Wishes to you and the Windy city. Kevin


    1. Thank you Bailey and sorry for my slow response.

      I’ve been without broadband since mid July, due to buying a new house, (I wont bore you with the technical and hair pulling details) but now I’m back, and wanting to catch-up and finish some of my draft posts that are looking at me in an accusatory fashion…
      Best Wishes


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