UK win the European Pastry Cup 2022!

UK Frozen Dessert 1 2022

UK Frozen Dessert (above)
A tropical flavour cake with a touch of tea and acidity from the yoghurt. Fresh and tender, with a sorbet topping shaped mini mango and a butterfly insert running the length of cake.

After a tense 5 hours of nail biting competition in Paris, the two man UK pastry team of Nicolas Houchet and Michael Ho Lam Kwan were crowned champions of Europe. In that 5 hours of supreme concentration the teams have to produce 3 frozen desserts, 10 plated  (restaurant desserts) 10 frozen lollypops, plus a sugar sculpture and a chocolate sculpture. They are not permitted to make any part of the desserts or sculptures before the competion begins. The scoring is a combination of marks for the sculptures, and marks for the taste and appearences of the desserts. The contest is performed live infront of a large audience, which is a mixture of the public (flag waving supporters of each team) and the media so there is a constant click of camera shutters.  The contest is also recorded via several television cameras and aired later on YouTube.

UK team Sculptures small

UK Chocolate & Sugar Sculptures Here are the UK’s sugar and chocolate sculptures, their theme is butterflies. On the chocolate sculpture you can see the butterfly as it emerges from its chrysalis. You can find more close-up photos of the sculptures on my pinterest European Pastry Cup at the bottom of this post.

UK Team plated dessert 2022Restaurant Dessert Jasmin ice cream, mango timut compote, coconut foam, galangal crumble, madeleine biscuit, Vanilla milk skin, kaffir lime.

UK Team Fozen lollypops 2022

UK Frozen lollypops It is a ice cream sandwich made with Redfruit tea ice cream and strawberry meringue. Decorated with blackcurrant coulis

Nicolas Houchet (chocolate candidate) and  Michael Ho Lam Kwan (sugar candidate) beat out very tough competition from Sweden and Denmark and you can see the final scores here.

Scoreboard 2022

Watch out for my interview with the UK Pastry team, coming soon! You can also see more photographs from both the European Pastry Cup and Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie on my pinterest boards.



25 thoughts on “UK win the European Pastry Cup 2022!

  1. These pastries blow my mind – what artistry and taste! I was quite taken with the butterfly emerging from its pupal case (since I am partially an entomologist)! I really want to taste these!

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    1. Yes, absolutely! The flag waving supporters are a mixture of relatives, friends and fellow pastry chefs who understand the sacrifice and dedication that it takes to get into the teams.
      Best Wishes
      Kevin 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kally, its always good to hear from you, I hope you are well?
      And yes these sculptures and desserts are works of art. I wish these pastry competitions got more coverage from TV networks.
      Best Wishes
      Kevin 🙂

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