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A friend of mine came across a radio interview I did with a New York radio station back in 2015. They asked me why I had never published a link to the interview on my blog, to which I answered I did I put it on my media wall. They looked at me with surprise and asked me what that was? So I explained that from the home page if you go to the top right hand corner of the blog you see 3 straight horizontal lines, and when you click on it it takes you to menu page and the second option down is My Media Wall, which is kind of an overview of some of the famous people I have cooked for, plus stories written either about me or by me. Oh he said… I then went on to explain that if you click on any of the photos in the montage it shows you more information about each one. He then asked how many of my blogging friends had visited My media Wall and I had to admit it had been liked only twice.

So then he asked me how many radio interviews had I done and I told him 4 in total, but I only have a recording of this one because most radio stations either don’t record interviews or don’t keep them very long. Which prompted him to say all the more reason you should share this interview as a blog post rather than hidden away on My Media Wall.

Back in 2015, BreakThru radio used to do a feature about bloggers called Biology Of The Blog, they contacted me and asked me if I was interested in being interviewed about my career and my blog. I said yes so the producer of the show set up a time and day for recording the interview which was then aired the next day August 6th 2015.

So the other day I re-listened to the interview and I still liked it. The host of the show Jess Goulart had spend time researching my career & blog so this helped to make the interview flow. The show runs for about 65 minutes but you can fast forward to the interview segments and give me some feedback.


14 thoughts on “Break Thru Radio

  1. I will give it a listen. Thanks for sharing. You’re quite the celebrity getting interviewed for a radio show.
    Of course now a days everyone has podcasts, Clubhouse App, Facebook live, Instagram Live…


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    1. That is a great & useful suggestion. I’ve been interviewed a few times on radio over the years but for various reasons have no recording of them. Next time I think I will us Zoom or some similar platform to get a record of it.

      Best Wishes


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